May 2 NCTEDD Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mayor Carrie Gordon
Happy Monday everyone from Balch Springs, Mayor Carrie Gordon!
Mary Ann Moon
Have you correlated the wages/salaries with levels of education?
Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio
It may be helpful to get a table of wages by race/ethnicity and education and it sounds like you have the ed data to add a column?
Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio
Wondering how this effort is connected (or could be?) to the formation of a new Dallas Economic Development Board? https://dallascityhall.com/government/citymanager/Documents/FY%2021-22%20Memos/Nominations%20for%20the%20COD%20EDC%20Board%20of%20Directors_04222022.pdf
Pamela Mundo
The design and diversity of housing in a neighborhood is critical as well. Pam Mundo
Jessica González | NGIN
Hi John - the data was compiled in collaboration with Fourth Economy and sourced from the Census American Survey.
Marty Wieder
In a related vein, UTA's College of Architecture, Planning & Public Affairs is preparing for a Housing Symposium in 2023. The housing subject in North Central Texas is deep and broad - and worthy of a dedicated look.
Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio
Thanks Marty for the mention- we also want to explore in this symposium how we change or better address the discourse around housing to better integrate affordable housing throughout the region; and reduce pushback from some communities about building multi-family housing.
Pamela Mundo
We need to look at tax breaks to investors vs the few tax breaks to home owners. The tax cost of homeownership is prohibitive to those with limited income.
Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio
Condos and townhomes are other options for building wealth; land trusts are an effective vehicle as well; we are exploring tiny home communities-particularly for aging in place.
Jessica González | NGIN
Ultimately we are presenting data that is static and lacks voice to lived experience. Through our project, we have identified that secondary research is important yet also it should be complimented with primary research through strategic, inclusive community engagement strategies.
Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio
Jessica- I’d love to explore ways that UTA and my college (Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs) can help support community engagement on economic development. We have a number of projects across our region engaging BIPOC communities on housing, zoning, gentrification, design, etc. that could align nicely with this work.
Robert Sturns
Sorry all, I have to drop off. Great information!
Marty Wieder
Thanks for joining us Robert.
Marty Wieder
As it relates to wealth, from one of my staff members here at the City of Grand Prairie: "I think financial education has to be part of the conversation for generational wealth in underrepresented communities. Lack of financial education is a contributing factor to the disparity gaps."
Alison Pope
Is reparations a part of the conversation for y'all on building equity in terms of economic development?
Marty Wieder
Thank you, David.
Jessica González | NGIN
I agree, Marty. Financial education across individuals, including small/micro-businesses, is an important factor to consider. It should also includes inclusive capital that helps eliminate barriers to capital - whether it’s grants/loans - looking deeply into capital deployment coupled with technical assistance/literacy programs will help advance generational wealth.
Jessica González | NGIN
When it comes to reparations, we have sought guidance from leaders who focus policy changes that support remediating previous economic practices. One of those leaders we’ve identified is Partnership for Southern Equity.
Marty Wieder
That comment was submitted from our Assistant to the City Manager/Diversity & Inclusion Manager Gerald Hodges, by the way.
Jessica González | NGIN
Here is the Tulsa example I mentioned: https://www.cityoftulsa.org/economic-development/taeo/background-overview/
Connor Sadro
Thank you to the NGIN team. This has been a wonderful presentation!
Michael Grace
Identification of exclusionary banking practices that impact specific geographies aligned with correlating economic development strategies designed to combat such practices would greatly impact community outcomes as well.
Michael Grace
Last year, WFAA did a series on bank redlining practices in southern Dallas.
Michael Grace
We need to revisit the CEDS.
Kim Buttram
Thank you!
Mary Ann Moon
Good to see everyone!